Basic Information

Basic information contains all the initial data for working with organization data within OKUFAYO-soft. It’s not possible to maintain patients or book consults if the basic information aren’t set up. Most basic information will be set up during the implementation of the program in the organization. But it could be possible that extra data must be added or existing data must be changed.  Most of the data entered in the basic information can be selected in other menus of the program by dropdown lists.

Basic information can’t be deleted if it’s used somewhere in the program. E.G. a district can’t be deleted from the basic information if it’s selected in a patient detail. In that cause, first change the patient detail and then delete the basic information. 

The Basic information component is in the menu Home -> Basic information.

main screen


The basic information is grouped in 4 sections:

  • Relations, all data to maintain patients, suppliers and employees
  • Diseases, all data to maintain diseases per patient
  • Consults, all data to maintain consults
  • Inventory, all data to maintain stock

Click on one of the buttons to open a list  or pop-up menu. If new data must be added to a list click behind the word (New) and enter the required data. When the data is changed or added a list can be closed using the small X in the right upper corner of the list. When a pop-up menu is opened data can be changed or added in the pop-up menu as describe in the manual per button.