Consults are the ‘heart’ of the program. Every contact with a patient can be booked in a consult. Almost all stored basic information comes together when a consult is booked. Patient data, Consult places, type of care and products are used to book a consult.

Based on this booked information various data can be used from the program in monthly reports and graphics. Not only the data can be used for reports. When products are booked in consults the stock of these products will be reduced automatically so the stock quantities  will always be up-to-date. Booking consults will help with a good control of the product stock.

Before consults can be booked the following basic information must be available in the program:
Section Consults:

  • Consult places
  • Sub Consult places
  • Type of Consult
  • External organisations
  • Type of Care
  • Sub type of Care

Section Products:

  • Products including available stock

And Patients with all required data like name, addresses and diseases.

When all this basic information is available consults can be booked, maintain and closed. How to do this is described on the following pages:

  • Add a consult
  • Maintain an existing consult
  • Close a consult
  • Change an already closed consult.

A list of all booked consults is available using Home -> [Consult]. The opened list displayed all booked Consults, ordered by Consult date. Click in the first column on the Consult number to open the consult. From the opened Consult menu the consult can be changed or closed.