Add a consult

OKUFAYO-soft has several options to add new consults. Which option is chosen, the result is a new consult for a patient and all required fields must be entered. The options to create a new consult:

  • Menu Home -> use [New consult].
  • Menu Home -> Consults, use the option [Add new consult].
  • Menu Planning Consults, add a patient name to the agenda and click on [Consult Details].
  • Open an existing Consult, tab page Next Consult. Add the information and click on [Create next Consult]
  • Open an existing Patient, tab page Consult/Contact -> [Add new Consult].

Menu Home -> use [New consult]

Click on this button and the Consult menu is opened. The consult is empty, except the name of the Employee.

Select with the drop down list in the section Patient the patient for who the consult is for. Scroll to the correct patient name or enter the letters of the short code of the patient. Click on the patient in the list. The name of the patient, telephone number and district is displayed in the green fields. This data can’t be changed. Use [More patient details] to open the patient details menu of the selected patient.

When the patient is selected more details of the consult can be entered.

  • Consultant/Employee, default the employee how logged in into OKUFAYO-soft is selected. Use the drop down to select the employee how will take care of the consult.
  • Consult date, default the date when the consult is booked in the program. Click on the date to enter a different date by entering the date. Or click on the small calendar-button to select the date in a calendar pop-up.
  • Place of Consult, use the drop down list to select one of the available place of consults.
  • Sub-place of consult, depending on the selected place of consult the drop down list of this field will display the sub-places.
  • Time spent, can be, for statistic reasons, entered before the consult is closed.
  • Type of care, select the type of care using the drop down list.
  • Second drop down behind Type of Care, depending on the selected type of care a sub-type of care can be selected. Multiply sub-type of care can be selected. When a first sub-type is selected a second drop down field will be displayed. Sub-type is used for reporting to the PCAU.
    The selected sub-type can be deleted using the small trash can icon.
  • Type of consult, select one of the types using the drop down list.
  • Check box Skip invoice, is default ticked to avoid that an real invoice is made when the consult is closed.

Next picture shows an example of the details of a booked consult.

Click on the Fresh-button (next to the word Close in the upper part of the menu to see the Consult number in the upper part of the menu. The Consult menu contains 3 extra tab pages:

  • Next consult -> see the description later on this page.
  • Consult memo
  • External organization

Tab page Consult memo

Open this tab page to add extra information about the opened consult.


Tab page External Organization

It can happen that consults are booked for a patient and another organization is involved with the patient and the consult. This information can be stored in the consult on this tab page.
Select one of the organizations added in the basic information from the drop down list. The other fields Contact person organization, Telephone no contact person and Memo are free to enter fields

Menu Home -> Consults, use the option [Add new consult]

Click in the Home-menu on [Consults]. A list with all booked consults is displayed, order by consult date. Om top of the list the option [Add new consult] is available. Click on this button to add a new consult like described above.

Menu Planning Consults, add a patient name to the agenda and click on [Consult Details]‚Äč

When in the Planning menu a new patient name is selcted on a date in the agenda, a new consult is automatically created. To enter more details in the consult, use [Consult Details] in the right part of the Planning-menu. The Consult menu is opened, with the patient name in the top part of the menu. The details of the consult must be entered like described above.

See also more details over the use of the Planning menu on the page Main mneu – Tab page Planning.