How it started
In January 2014, Frank Rommens visited the Hospice in Tororo. Impressed by the good work of all the people of the staff, he asked how he could help. Beside money, the hospice would like to have a computer program which helps them to keep track of stocks, the management of the patients and consults.

At that moment, all this is done manually in notebooks, while some reports to the lenders of the hospice have to presented in graphics. To create this graphics, a lot of the data, entered in the notebooks, are entered again in Excel-files which are used to create the graphics. In short, a lot of the work is done twice which is error prone and time consuming.

Frank had some experience with ‘translating’ customers wishes into a description for developers to make a program. The staff at the Hospice had experience with Excel but also Access. Frank started his search for a standard (free) program which contains all required functions. In the beginning Tom Kuilder, a colleague of Frank helps with this search. They decided that Access is the best program to create a program for the Hospice. Although Access is not free, the Hospice has already licenses for this program. They started with the standard Microsoft Northwind database, because this database contains already a lot of the required functions.

In March 2014 the development started with a first test version in May 2014. After the test period in Augustus 2014,m the hospice started with the use of the program. From January 2015 they stopped with the notebooks and all data is stored in the program.

While the hospice is working with the program the OKUFAYO-SW Group continues with developing new functions and improving the existing functions. Help is coming from forums on the internet (Netherland and U.S.A.), for data mining Norm Dimock of Canada was a great help. And since May 2015 Jan Kok spent a lot of time creating great new functions which makes the program even more better than it already was. Jan was reacting on a question posted on an Internet forum and he helps since that moment.

At this moment, November 2015, the program is finished but it’s not. The staff of the Hospice has a lot of wishes to make their daily work easier and to retrieve more data out of the system. All to improve the care of the Hospice for the patients.