The OKUFAYO program is using 2 separate files:
– okufayo_BE.accdb
– okufayo.accdb

This is the most important file for the hospice. Only in this file all data of the patients, products, consults and so of the hospice is stored. Every time the program is used ever letter which is changed by the user is stored in this file. In the current situation only 1 person can work in this file at the same time. At this moment this file is not back-up yet by the program but there will be a solution in a short period of time.

This is the file which contains the functions, menus, reports, queries and so which are used to work with the program. This file contains the interface for the user of the program to enter data in the system. This is the file which must be opened to work in the program. If this file is opened and access is mad, the user sees the menus. When a menu is opened the user sees information of e.g. patients. In that case the user is using the okyfayo.accdb as interface to look at the data stored in the okufayo_BE.accdb.  To use the program this file must be opened in the Windows Explorer. Than the login screen is opened and the user and his/her password can be entered. If accidently the file okufayo_BE.accdb is opened the log in screen is not shown. CLOSE!! immediately this file. You have opened the incorrect file to work with the program.

IMPORTANT: at this moment (Jan. 2016) is it not possible to use the program in a network. It's not possible to use the program with multiply users and storing all entered data in the same okufayo_BE.accdb. The program can only be used to store all kind of new data when it's opened from the main computer. For statistic analysis both files (okufayo_be.accdb and okufayo.accdb) can be copied to a secondary computer. With connections to prefab Excel files the data can be exported into Excel for further analysis and creating diagrams. Don't enter new data in the program (although the functions are available to do so!), this will be a waste of time. Never copy the okufayo_BE.accdb file back from the secondary computer to the main computer. When pasting the file to the main computer it will overwrite all data entered by the user of the program on the main computer.

The OKUFAYO-SW Group had chosen to use two files for the program because this gives the developers the opportunity to improve the program while the users at the hospice are using the program at daily basic. The hospice related data is stored in the okufayo_be.accdb file on the local computer and the okufayo.accdb file can be replaced easily.

Directory structure
OKUFAYO-soft requires the following directory structure:
On the local C-drive a directory okufayo. In this directory directories named: Database, PDF_files and Reports. In the directory database a directory Backup is needed.

The directory Database contains the two important files okufayo.accdb and okufayo_be.accdb. The Backup directory in this directory contains back-ups of the program made during a conversion of the okufayo_be.accdb when a new version of the program is activated.
The directory PDF_files is used as default storage directory for PDF documents created in the program.
The directory Reports contains several Excel-files for data mining.