The patients are the main basic information of the program. Without a patient a consult can’t be planned and medicines can’t be prescribed. The list with all patients is available using the button [Patients] on the tab page Home.

patientlist(for privacy reasons the names in the second, third and fourth column are made invisible)

The opened list contains all patients, added to the program. Double click on the patient number in the first column to open the details of the patients. In this pop-up menu the details can be added or modified. 
Use [New patient] to open the 'Patient details' menu to add a new patient.
Use [Home] to return to the tab page Home.
Use [Close] to close the tab page Patients list. The tab page Planning Consults will be visible.

On top of the menu 6 check boxes are available to filter the list on the status of a patient.
Tick a checkbox and the list will only display the patients with the selected status. Multiple checkboxes can be ticked, the more checkboxes are ticked, the more patients will be displayed in the list.

Microsoft Access also have built-in filter options. Right beside the header of a column a small arrow is visible. Click on this arrow and a small pop-up window will be opened.
standardfilter(note: language of the pop-up is depending on the language of the computer the program is used)
Beside changing the order of the lines, the pop-up contains a text filter. Un-tick the first option Select all. None of the texts in the pop-up will be selected. Tick on the check box to select the text to filter on. And click on [OK]. The complete patients list will only display those patients which contains the selected texts. It's possible to filter on texts in multiple columns. The result will be less if more filters are made. When a filter is set up for a column the small arrow beside the header name will be changed into filterused. A filter can be 'deleted' by re-opening the filter pop-up and select the check box Select all. Or using the button [Clear all filters] in the header of the tab page.This button will 'delete'aal filters set up in the header of all columns.