An important function of OKUFAYO-soft is gathering information. Measuring is knowing, perhaps a Dutch expression but certainly also applicable to the hospices in Uganda. To improve the care for patients starts with knowing who the patients are and what their needs were. But also knowing if the costs for the care is in line with the available resources. Okufayo-soft has several options to gather all kind of data into graphics, reports (Saved as PDF or printed on paper) and tables. All these options are available using [Reports] on the Home-menu.


The available options are divided in 6 sections:

  • Addresses
  • Stock
  • Consult
  • Purchase
  • Statistics
  • Month/Year overview


This sections doesn’t contains reports yet.


The section contions reports whic can be used for the monthly reports which need to be created for founders of the hospice, NGO's, Government organisations or own use.

  • [General export monthly statistics **) ]
  • [Statistics per product *) ]
  • [Graphics]
  • [PCAU report]

Month/year overview