Main menu – tab page Home

The menu Home gives access to all functions of the program. If this menu is accidently closed, close the complete program and restart it. The menu Home will always , together with the Planning Consults, be opened when the program is restarted.

(for privacy reasons the column Patient is invisible, normally this column displays the names of the patients)
(for privacy reasons the column Patient is invisible, normally this column displays the names of the patients)

The screen can be split up in three parts:

  • Top part in blue 
  • Menu buttons
  • Tab pages

Top part in blue
In this part of the screen the employee name which is logged in is visible. This employee name will be used later in the program as default value for some fields. And based on the set-up authorization this employee is used to block or display menus in read only modus. If another employee must have access to the program, click on [Open login screen] and select this other employee in the Login dialog menu.

Click on [New consult] to book a new consult.  See description in chapter Consults.
Click on [New Purchase Order] to book a new purchase order for new products. see description chapter Purchase orders.
Click on [Week planning] to reopen the Planning Consults-menu if this menu is closed.
Click on refresh-button to refresh the data on the screen. Using the key  <<F5>> on your keyboard will refresh the screen too.
Click on [Open login screen] to open the login screen to open the program with the credentials of another employee.
Click on [Close program] to close the complete program.

Menu buttons
This section gives, by clicking on the buttons, access to the following menus:

  • [Stock]                Open the inventory list with all products and existing stock quantites. Use this menu to alter existing stock quantites.
  • [Patients]            Opens the list with all existing patients. New patients can be added and existing patients can be changed in this menu.
  • [Consults]            Opens a list of all added consults. Consults can be added or maintain from this menu.
  • [Suppliers]           Opens a list with all suppliers. Suppliers can be added and maintain in this menu.
  • [Purchase orders] Opens a list with all added purchase orders. These orders can be changed or new orders can be added.
  • [Reports]              This button opens a menu which give access to all available reports and graphics of the program.
  • [Tools]                 This menu contains several menus which are used to set up the program. Most likely this menu will only be used by the administrator of the program.
  • [Basic information] This menu gives access to all basic information of the program, e.g. list of diseases, products, counties and sub-counties

Each menu can be opened by clicking on the button, the menus will be described in separate chapters of this manual.

Tab pages
The menu Home displays several data on two tab pages: Planned Consults and Product to reorder.