Main menu- tab page Planning

After logging in into  OKUFAYO-soft the menu Home and Consult Planning is opened automatically. Consult Planning will be displayed as front menu. This menu shows all booked consults of the current week. Note: the pictures in this manual shows Dutch descriptions of dates. If the program is used on a English Windows computer, these dates will be displayed in English.

(for privacy reasons the names of the patients in previous picture are made invisible)

The menu contains 3 areas, marked with the letters in above picture.

Area A: Selection of date
By default the current week, according to the Windows settings, is displayed.
Use  Planning_3 to move a quater of a year backwards or forwards.
Use  Planning_4 to move a week backwards or forwards.
Click on the date field, the display of the date will change into  . Planning_5Type in a new date or use the calendar button to select another date.

After changing the date, always click on [Renew] to reload the data in area B.
When a week is selected which is not the current week according to Windows, the text under the date field will display the selected week and between () the current Windows week.
Click on  Planning_6 to return to the current week. And click on [Renew] to reload the consults in area B.
[Print week] will print out a document with all consults of the selected week. Click on the button, a pop-up menu will be opened.
The date range in the pop-up menu is based on the selected week. This data range can be changed. By default the output of the report is to the standard Windows printer. It’s also possible to save the report as PDF file or show the report as print preview. Click on [Process] to make the report. 
Planning_8 can be used to close the pop-up with printing.

[close] can be used to close the planning menu. The planning menu can re-opened using [Week planning] in the Home menu.

Area B: Agenda
This part of the menu shows all open consults in the selected week. Per day of the week the patient name and place of consult is shown. If the amount of consults for one day are too many a scroll bar will be available on the right side of the consults. 

At the end of the list of consult per day , there is a empty field with a dropdown list. Click on the arrow to select a patient  to create a new consult for that patient on that day. Scroll down to select the correct patient or type in quickly the first letters of the patient name. When a new consult is added, by selecting a patient form the dropdown list, on a date before the current date a pop-up will open.
Click [Yes] to create the new consult or [No] to remove the selected patient. When a patient is selected, on the right side of the menu, area C, the details of the selected patient are displayed. When a patient is selected for a new consult and there is already a consult created on the same day for that patient a pop-up message will be displayed.
Make the choose between [Yes] or [No].

Area C: Details
This part of the menu shows the details of the selected consult in area B. At the bottom of this part three buttons are available.
[Consult details] will open the normal Consult menu with the data of the selected consult. If changes are made  in this consult, these changes will not be visible immediately in the planning menu. Click on [Sync] (area A) to reload the information in the planning menu. If a new consult is added by selecting a patient on a date, all other required details of the consult must be entered in the normal Consult menu, opened by this button.
[Patient details] will open the normal Patient detail menu, all modifications can be made in this menu. Click on [Sync] to reload the planning menu if changes are made in the details of the patient to show this new data in the planning menu.
[Other consults] will show a list of all consults booked for the selected patient.
Together with the list, the Consult details menu is opened with the selected consult. The list will show in yellow open consults and in red the closed consults. If another consult is selected in this list (field where is clicked on will became green) the Consult detail menu will display the details of that consult. If the list is move to the left or right (click in the header of the list, keep the mouse button click on and move the screen), the last position of the list will be remembered the next time the list is opened.