Section General

The section General has the following options, accessible by clicking on a button.

[Run a free query]
Will only be used if the support of the OKUFAYO-SW group advice to use this option.

[System Settings]

Use this option to enter general address information of the hospice. The address will be used to print out on the Morphine declaration form.
Don’t change the version number!

Use [Close] to close the menu.

Options are used to help the users of the program to predefine parameters which reduce the amount of work the moment the options are use on one of the menus of the program. Options are also used to store settings, made during daily work, to remember this setting for the next time the program is used.

For the creation of graphics the program has two options available.

  • Agegroups
  • Graphgroups


Option 1, AgeGroups
Some graphics display information of patients grouped by age groups. The default age-groups to determine in which group a patient must be placed are 0-4, 11-17, 18-30, 31-40, 41-50, 51-60, 61-70 and older than 70 years. If this default grouping doesn’t fit in the way the organization wants the graphics to be build up, these groups can be entered in this option. Standard this option has no value.  No value = standard according to what the developers set up. Enter a new range for the age groups starting with 0 and separate the numbers by a comma.

Example: the following groups are needed 0-10, 11-18, 19-21, 22-30, 31-40, 41-50, 51-60, 61-70, 71-80 and older than 80. The value for the parameter must be 0,11,19,22,31,41,51,61,71,81
You always enter 0 first and then as next digit the digit to begin the next group.

An entered value will be saved immediately in the database. An Undo or Cancel option is not available. If a value of an option is changed, always write down the previous value so you can restore the value to the original value, if the change doesn’t give the expected result.

Option 2, Graphperiod
When graphics are created a period need to be selected. Standard the program will select the previous month (based on the current Windows date) and 3 months before. This 3 months can be overruled by entering a value in this option. Example: graphics must be made (by default, can be changed when the graphic is created) for 1 months enter 1 in this option. Is a year the default period enter 12 as value for this option.

Re-open the Graphic menu if the value of this options are changed.

Option 3, Employeelogin
This option contains the number of the last logged in employee. This employee will be pre-selected the next time the program is started up. Option can’t be changed in this menu.

Option 4, Patientslistdefault
This option contains (coded) the values of the ticked check boxes used in the patient list (menu Home -> [Patients] to filter on the status of the patient. Option can’t be changed in this menu.

[Reset popups]
During working with the program, some data can be added or changed in a pop-up menu. A few of this pop-up menus can be moved to a different position (more left or right, up or down) in the screen. This new position will be saved in the program. The option [Reset popups] will delete all these saved positions of all pop-up menus. The next time a pop-up menu is opened, the position will be the standard position on the screen.

[Maintain Consult status]

This option opens a table with the available consult status.

If advised by the OKUFAYO-SW group extra status can be added to this table. The consult status is used by the program when the user e.g close an consult. The status of an consult can’t be selected manually by the user of the program in a consult. Close the table with the X in the right upper corner. If displayed, confirm the pop-up screen with the question to save the changed or added data with [Yes].