Section Revision incorrect data

Use the option [Change stock transactions] and [Change pat. Diseases] only if the support of the OKUFAYO-SW group advice to do so!

[Change closed consults]
When a consult is closed no data in the consult can be changed or entered. It can happen that specific data is not available when the consult is closed or that incorrect data was entered. This option gives the possibility to change or add extra data in the details of a closed consult. It’s still not possible to add or delete products to a closed consults. Only the data in the Consult-menu, section Details can be changed. 

Before this button is clicked, close all menus except the Home-menu. Click on the button. A pop-up will be displayed.
Click on [OK] to continue.

Now open the consult which is closed and must be changed. The status of the consult is still closed but in the section Details, data can be changed or added. Close the consult when all data is changed. Open another closed consult if this must be changed too and make the modifications. When all consults are changed, close all menus and the program. Restart the program like usual. By re-starting the program the ‘Change closed consults’ status of the program is blocked again. Use [Change closed consults] if other closed consults must be changed.