What’s new March 2016

Version 201609 is published in week 10, 2016. This version contains the following modifications:

  • PCAU report
    This reports collects data for the 22 questions which need to be answered every month for the PCAU. This new report can be created in the menu Home -> Reports.
  • An important part of the PCAU report is the deviation of the type of care in multiply sub-cares. The list with the necessarily sub-cares for the Medical care are added to  program. Extra sub-care can be added in the basic information. In the consult details, this extra sub-care can be selected.
  • If already closed consults need to be changed to get the correct information on the PCAU report, closed reports can be (temporally) reopened for modification of the details. The option to reopen closed consults is available in the menu Home -> Tools.
  • Solution for opening multiply menus at the same time.
  • Direct link to this manual website, using the Question mark icon in the menu Home.
  • Small lay-out improvements in several menus
  • Change the order of the patient list. Order at in program status, last name and first name.
  • Change the order of the consult list. Order on Consult status and Consult date.

The new functions are described in details on this manual website. Click on the following links to get more detailed information.

Take a look at the other available manual pages too, it can help you to improve your skills of the program. More knowledge can mean less time spending on the work in the program. Which leaves more time to your main task at the hospice: the care of the patients.